Happy Valentine’s Day!


I’m not huge on Valentine’s Day, but I do love any reason to decorate a bar cart and drink rosé. Here is this years’ version of my Valentine’s-themed bar cart, with suggestions on how to decorate your own!

First of all, I don’t believe that bar carts have to always hold only liquor. Mixing it up and adding favorite accent pieces, a certain color palette, and other fun decorations throughout the year can also be a fun way to spruce up the bar cart.  Letter boards right now are ALL the rage, and I have mine on my bar cart frequently, changing up quotes to reflect the certain time of year, or the mood I’m in. It definitely helps set the tone of the cart, and always fun to see when walking past. It is great to measure your bar cart surface and have a clear theme, color palette, or overall vision BEFORE you head to stores to purchase any additions to your cart. I have had a certain theme in mind, and before you know it, all of my accessories don’t match, the colors clash, pieces don’t fit, etc. Also, make sure you know how much your cart can hold, as many carts now a days are for decor purposes, having a cart that can hold a handle of Jameson is VITAL.


Accent pieces

Having 1 or two accent pieces is always a nice touch, but having more than can look too full, depending on the sizes of everything. I saw this ‘YAY‘ at Michael’s and knew I had to have it. Bonus: it can go with other themes throughout the year, not just with my Valentine’s theme. My letter board is quite big, so I usually use it as my main accent piece. If your bar cart is situated near a wall, you can also use a piece of hanging art to accompany the space. Often, I feel the need to add a small garland to the perimeter of my bar cart. I purchased this heart garland for $6 at Target, and it came in a 3 pack. DSC_3850


Being a sucker for small potted plants and vases, I often have more than one vase on my bar cart. I also like adding succulents in glass globes. I have a collection of small vases that I have picked up at Goodwill, Pier 1, World Market, and Target (Bullseye’s Playground, anyone?!) Again, pay attention to which colors you want throughout your cart, and it helps getting neutral colors that play well with a lot of other colors!


The Essentials Having drink essentials, such as straws, glasses, cocktail stirrers, and a decanter for an alcohol of your choosing is needed! Choosing glasses with a pop of color that go with the overall color palette is ideal, but you can also dress it down depending on your taste and color scheme.

The important thing, is to have fun and get creative! I can spend hours on Pinterest just looking at bar carts for ideas, color schemes, and different themes. Yes, I’m one of those people who follow #barcartstyling on Instagram.

The Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly glasses were purchased at my local Goodwill (I’m a sucker for Mid-Century Modern vintage!) and the Holt Howard salt and pepper shakers were practically a steal that I found at a local consignment shop, Bliss Marketplace for $20! They are currently going for $70 on Etsy. If you know where to look, and spend some time searching, you are bound to run into a great vintage find! Currently in search of Mrs. Maisel’s Pink Pyrex dish, that isn’t $125 on Etsy…Wish me luck!


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